Terms & Privacy Policy

In everything we do at Top Scholar Help, we prioritize your privacy and anonymity. We obtain information from our clients, but we only keep it for official records and use it to improve our services. We are in charge of our client's personal information in our database, and we never rent or sell the information they provide us online. This privacy policy explains why we request information from clients and how we use that information. We understand your doubts regarding personal information security and privacy.
It is our ethical responsibility to inform you of our privacy policies. What we do with your personal information is as follows:

  • All student information is kept totally confidential within the company.
  • We at Top Scholar Help do not share student information with anybody else.
  • We do not share instructor information with anyone else.
Payments are processed through a variety of payment channels to ensure a secure transaction using credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers. Payments are safe, quick, and simple, with a variety of options available. All clients are required to read and understand our Privacy Policies before placing an order. Any misunderstandings or mistakes among our clients are not the responsibility of our team.

Information on Payment

We will also collect payment information necessary to process your academic assistance-related orders with the relevant payment services providers, which may include the amount of any transaction, but not your name, financial information, or cardholder data, which will only be submitted directly to the payment service providers under secure protocols; you can find more information in our data protection guidelines of the relevant payment service providers.

Our in-house sales team keeps track of our clients' online transactions and the services that have interested them in the past.
Be aware that if you go for one of the payment methods offered, the relevant payment services providers will collect, process, and store your card details as well as other required information according to their own rules, so we actually recommend you to read the respective privacy policies of payment services providers before making any payments. We may engage in agreements with a variety of payment service providers, and you may request a complete list of them by sending an email to us with the subject line "Request for Payment Services Providers Information."
Importantly, on our site, we do not collect, process, or retain your credit card information or any other payment-related information.

Information gathered and stored when you visit our website

Our server keeps track of the pages you request, your IP address, and whether or not the server was able to provide you with the page you requested (known as "server logs"). These server logs are utilized for troubleshooting and maintenance and to generate aggregated information that we may use to track and enhance our services.
Also, our web browser may accept a "session cookie," which allows the web server to associate and differentiate your requests from those of other visitors. The "session cookie" is a randomly generated string of letters and numbers that contains no personally identifiable information.
Any site you visit receives information called "request headers" from your web browser, which tells the site the language(s) you like to see the site displayed in. You can modify this information in your browser software's options or preferences settings. This data is only used to fulfill the current request and to perform system diagnostics.
To assess customer behavior, track sales channels, and for marketing/remarketing purposes, we employ cookies and various sorts of tracking technologies. This covers tracking systems such as Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics UserID, and other anonymous tracking technologies.

Taking Care of Your Data

Indeed, you own complete control over all of the information linked with your user account. You also have the option of deleting your document from our system once the job is finished. The actual document will be removed from our system, but the order's related metadata will be kept for our records.
When you place an order, Data Protection Proofed uses SSL/TLS encryption to ensure the secure transmission of your information, including your payment information and documents. Encryption strength will typically be 256 bits or greater. To verify that your browser supports strong encryption, we recommend that you update to the most recent version.

Information Received From Third-Party Sources

Third parties may also provide us with information about you. For example, we may supplement the data we gather with external records, or third parties may contribute data as part of a co-marketing agreement or at your request (such as if you sign in with a third-party service). If we combine information from outsiders with information we gather through the Service, we'll treat it as indicated in this Privacy Policy.

Legal Disclosure

Except as stated in this policy, Top Scholar Help does not share personal information or documents with any third parties. As a result of a legal process that is mandated or permitted by applicable legislation, we may be required to reveal personal and other information we hold. We may freely reveal relevant personal information to the police, courts, or other competent authorities if we suspect that an offense, tort, or other illegal act, including payment fraud, has occurred or is going to occur.

Terms & Privacy Policy

We recognize our obligations to our consumers and have established Refund Policies to assist them. Because no one can get a complete refund due to other charges, we have a Legal Department that has the right to decide the amount to be repaid to customers. The quantity changes according to the situation.
The following are Top Scholar Help’s refund policies: Before placing a purchase, the Top Scholar Help team requires all its clients to read and understand our Refund Policies; otherwise, we will not be held liable for any misunderstandings with our policy.

  • Customers who request refunds within a month of making an order will receive them.
  • Orders having a delivery timeframe of more than 48 hours
  • Orders for dissertations with more than a 10-day delivery deadline.
  • If a client receives 30% non-original work, they may be eligible for a refund.
  • If your tutor/supervisor rejects the assignment that we completed, you may request a refund.
  • Requests for corrections, no matter how slight, will be treated as revisions, and the sum will be deducted from the amount reimbursed.
  • Clients who attempt to undermine our policies by making fraudulent claims are subject to severe regulatory penalties.
  • It will be taken as a breach of contract if clients contact a third party, such as a law firm, a bank, or PayPal, before contacting us to request a refund, as one month is the standard time for conducting an overall review of the work.
  • It will be considered a breach of contract if clients contact a third party, such as a law firm, a bank, or PayPal, before contacting us.